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        Established in1994 Ningbo Sanya bearing co.,ltd. have developed a group of manufacturer and exporter of bearings. Company consists of one head office, one manufactory and scores of cooperate factory. Head office and manufactory located in Cixi City, Ningbo. It is center of marketing, delivery, technical support and aftermarket service. the scores of factory located in Cixi/Xingchang/Zhenjian/Changzhou.all factory are ISO9002 approved. which manufacture deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, taper roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, bearing inserts and housings, automotive bearings, linear bearings, etc.,

        In 2011,the output are more than USD30,000,000.00 total,our goods have reached the following Countries:Algeria,Argentia,Austria,Australia,Belgium,Canada,Egypt,Germany,Greece,Holland,Italy,Korea,Slovakia,Spain,South Africa,Switzerland,Turkey,UK,USA.

        Ningbo Sanyabearing co.ltd strive to improve quality and design new and customized products. the quality of EMQ bearings reached to Z2V2,Z3V3 and the EMQ bearings is accepted and approved widely by dealer and end user. with the support of the technical team, we can produce the new bearing according to customers request.

        Now, we are still developing quickly under our forever principle "Quality 100% approved, and customer 100% satisfied".

        • Chrome steel inserted bearing
        • Stainless steel thrust ball bearing
        • Plastic pillow block
        • Double row angular contact ball bearing
        • Stainless steel pillow block
        • Stainless steel inserted bearing
        • Thermoplastic Housings
        • Stainless Steel Bearing Housings
        • Imperial Tapered Roller Bearings
        • Stainless Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        • Imperial Chrome Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        • Metric Chrome Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        • Track Roller
        • Metric Tapered Roller Bearings
        • Rod End
        • Spherical Roller Bearings
        • Self-aligning Ball Bearings
        • Iron and plastic pressed bearings
        • Needle Roller Bearings SCE/HF/AXW/K811/K812
        • Magneto Ball Bearings
        • Linear Ball Bushing
        • Non-standard Deep Groove Ball Bearings
        • Bearing Housings
        • Chrome Steel Balls
        • Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
        • Adaptor Sleeve & Quit Sleeve
        • Wheel Bearings
        • Hub Unit
        • Clutch Bearings
        • Alternator Bearings
        • Air Condition Bearings

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        TeL:0086-574-63088689 Mobile:0086-013805829337 Fax:0086-574-63088688
        E-Mail: sales@sanyabearing.com  jimsun@sanyabearing.com                                                                              浙ICP备12008648号

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